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The Academic Road connects graduate students all over the world with professors and research opportunities at the masters, PhD, and Post doc levels.

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Better matches between professors and graduate students

The current way of matching graduate students with professors is broken. Students send emails to dozens of professors, hoping for responses and receiving little or no feedback, while professors are either inundated with hundreds of email submissions from students or have trouble connecting with great students who just don’t know about their graduate research programs.

The Academic Road provides a single platform that connects the right professors with the right graduate students quickly, with powerful sorting, filtering. and communication tools that make finding the right match simple and easy.

Professor? Let’s make your recruiting life easier.

If you’re a professor running a graduate program or laboratory, you know how difficult it can be to find great students and keep up with the amount of submissions you receive by email. Instead of sifting through the influx of applications in your email inbox looking for the right student, direct students to apply to you at The Academic Road using the unique web link we generate for you once you’ve created your profile.

You can use your link on your personal page of your institution’s website, in email replies to students, or other media.Once students have applied to you through the Academic Road, you’ll be able to sort and filter student profiles based on important information like GPA, undergraduate degree, research interests, funding availability, ESL language scores, location, and many others, saving you time and effort in finding the best match.

Student? Let’s find your ideal graduate position.

If you’re a student seeking a graduate research position at the masters, PhD, or post doc level, you can use the Academic Road to easily apply to professors that have open positions. Here's some things you can do:

  • Receive status updates as professors view and consider your submission, and interested professors can message you right within The Academic Road to get the discussion going.
  • Use powerful sorting and filtering tools to rank your preferred professors and institutions.
  • Get certainty about professors that are actually seeking graduate students vs those that aren’t, and see in real time when a professor has viewed or made a decision about your submission.

Your privacy and security

We understand that keeping all personal data safe and secure is of paramount importance.

The Academic Road employs state of the art data security measures, the same or better than those used in academic institutions, to ensure that all personal and academic data remain secure.

  • We don’t engage in sharing or sale of data to third parties.

  • We'll permanently delete profile data upon request.

  • Our primary goal is to ensure a safe and secure environment for matching professors with graduate students.

The Academic Road is not an accredited institution and cannot guarantee acceptance of an application. The Academic Road is not responsible for admission to an institution and cannot act on an institution, professor's, or student's behalf.

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